About Us

The ‘Our Big Backyard’ campaign is an initiative created by the North-West Wildlink Partnership Group. The North-West Wildlink aims to restore, create and connect healthy habitats between the Hauraki Gulf Islands and Waitakere Ranges sanctuaries, so that our native birds and wildlife can once again thrive in the North-West.

The Hauraki Gulf Islands and Waitakere Ranges sanctuaries provide safe breeding grounds for native birds and other at risk species such as tuatara, weta punga and a large range of lizards. Because of these safe havens, we are starting to see the return of more native birds to the mainland. We have a fantastic opportunity to encourage more native animals back to the suburbs, because:

  • The North-West already has great habitat ‘stepping stones” – while a few of our native birds can fly large distances, the majority of our native birds will only fly 2.5km or less between habitats, so we need more!
  • It’s only 50km between Tiritiri Matangi and Ark in the Park
  • Thousands of local people are already helping support our wildlife in the North-West – there are over 130 community and volunteer groups doing pest control and restoration, helping to provide safe passage for the birds across the land.

Click here to learn more about the North-West Wildlink.

Thank you to the generous North-West Wildlink funders Auckland Council, Department of Conservation and Foundation North.


“For me and many other conservationists, the North-West Wildlink has inspired our conservation efforts for many years.”

Richard Hursthouse – Chair Forest & Bird North Shore Branch, Chair Centennial Park Bush Society, member of Kaipatiki Restoration Network and Pest-Free Kaipatiki steering group.

“There is something that is unique to us, that is rooted back in the eons of time, and it’s our wildlife. England has Stonehenge, China has the Great Wall, France has the Lascaux cave paintings… but our heritage is our wildlife.”

Sir Paul Callaghan