Because you have rats in your backyard. Every night when you close the backdoor and retreat inside, big rats wander over your lawn and eat whatever seeds, insects and birds they come across. They climb fences and trees, dive into ponds and burrow into woodpiles, devouring any protein they can find. They’ve been doing it since being introduced a couple of hundred years ago and, because of this, New Zealand has one of the worst extinction rates of any country on the planet. Click here to read Jesse Mulligan’s article on why we should trap.

“Many native birds can’t easily defend themselves against predators, and need our help to ensure their survival. You can help at home by having a trap in your garden that you check and re-set regularly. It’s really easy. They love food like peanut butter so you don’t need special bait. You just need to secure the trap in a station or cover so pets and kids can’t get into it.” – Malcolm Harrison, Senior Biosecurity Advisor at Auckland Council.